x64 Download (Windows 64-bit):
Download Here

x86 Download (Windows 32-bit):
Download Here

– Changed icon in online ordering preferences
– Added a check at the begining of pull online orders to check and make sure a catalog exists for the project
– Check for missing catalog when opening a project
– Added new config setting for ExcludeOrderSummaryInOrderJson (do not include OrderSummary field when submitting DP2 Orders)
– Added a preference for the number of concurrent upload workers to use
– For custom report, use the short date format instead of including time

Addressed Issues:
– Fixed bug with Remote Image Service, was not allowing upload if just color grade was checked
– Fixed Remote Image Service to support Group Images
– Fixed bug that was causing crashes in merge projects
– Fixed bug where ftp connections were not being closed properly
– Fixed a minor memory bug in subject image list controls
– Fixed issues with Remote Image Service to improve failed upload recovery
– Fixed a custom report bug
– Fixed submit orders issue with PLIC – PNG – Apply GS – Apply Crop
– Fixed a bug when applying Green Screen in submit orders, image name was not matching the json
– When a jpg is replaced by a png, need to update the “original file name” to reflect png.
– Fixed a rotation issue if applycrop is called but no crop exists
– Fixed a bug where package qty did not take into account product qty
– Fixed issue with submitting orders with mixed gs and non-gs projects
– Fixed bug where flow server client was not updating master if upload was in progress
– Fix for gs index mismatch on mixed gs/non-gs projects (only gs images are now showing in the gs panel)
– Fixed a bug where a crop image used in a layout could be used for a regular package also when “send crop data” is used.
– Fixed merge issue with png images
– Fixed bug when searching all projects, could not open old 3.5 DBs so it would crash
– Fixed bug with gs image rotation in layouts when a new image was added, the preview was getting the image before the rotation had been read and set


x64 Download (Windows 64-bit):
Download Here

x86 Download (Windows 32-bit):
Download Here

– Upgraded SQLce libraries [from 3.5 to 4.0] (improved performance and stability)
– Full Project Export creation now uses 0 compression for much faster exports and imports
– New Group tab to better organize and manage groups in capture (Preferences -> Application -> Use Groups)
– Full Project Export can now include layouts with the project.
– Layout Designer – Use all Subject Images – specify a space and the number of columns and all the subjects images will fill the space.
– Layout Designer – Export and Import layouts
– Remote Image Service – faster upload and download
– APE Galleries – faster upload
– IQ Galleries – faster upload
– Submit Orders – faster upload
– Adjust Images – Can modify the angle rotation of an image (1-360 degrees)
– Option to always assign packages to primary image.
– Option to make the 1st image assigned primary (instead of the last one assigned)
– Option to force a default center crop of 8×10 or 5×7
– Hot Folder Archive – clears the hot folder
– When exporting a project, Hot Folder Archive can be included with the project files in the PAF
– Sync Help folder from lab
– Show Project Template name in project preferences and flow display
– No longer show the Flow change log after installing a new build (always show projects panel on flow startup)
– Added Flow Version to Json File in paf
– Added a new setting “Check import data by default on Create new Project” – (Default is unchecked)
– Added a new project template event trigger for forcing 1 image per subject

Addressed Issues:
– Addressed issue with ImageMatch export with filter and apply crops… was not obeying filter
– Addressed issue where getting rendered green screen was throwing an error when SubjectOrder was null
– Addressed issue with ImageMatch export image rendering
– Adjusted ImageMatch export render logic
– Fixed retire of PLIC and IQ products based on being removed from the catalog
– During ImageMatch export, if the image is a group image, make sure it is included even if primary image only is selected
– Fixed various project merge crashes
– Addressed issue with create new project
– Addressed issue where a group image is not linked properly to a subject
– Addressed issue with opticon workflow when a timecode appears more than once (opticon was scanned twice within a second of each other)
– Support png files in flowServer thumbnailer
– Addressed crashing that sometimes happened when preparing IQ images for upload
– Addressed issue with adding a new photographer


x64 Download (Windows 64-bit):
Download Here

x86 Download (Windows 32-bit):
Download Here

– New E-commerce Account Setup Wizard
– E-commerce credentials now automatically sync across multiple flow stations (based on Activation key)
– New Remote Image Service Support
– Filter Icon Flash now more noticeable when a filter is on
– Added a button to batch remove group images
– Improved performance of layout preview in capture
– Changed the project export screen so advanced options are set in an expander so they are not accidentally set.

Addressed Issues:
– Fixed package qty in reports
– Fixed bug in layout panel where “use order image” did not always use the correct crop
– Fixed bug with capture layout preview was not always refreshing correctly
– Fixed some aspect ratio issues in crop panel
– Fixed issue where new org shipping info was not being saved in create new project
– Fixed a crop issue where a bad crop could be assigned, resulting in an X image being displayed instead of the real image
– Fixed many minor errors customers have been seeing with assigning image, merging projects, exporting projects and cropping
– Fixed some issues with green screen rendering


x64 Download (Windows 64-bit):
Download Here

x86 Download (Windows 32-bit):
Download Here

Addressed Issues
– Addressed issue with the primary image being used in layout when “Use Ordered Image” was checked
– Addressed issue with the crop screen crashing when dealing with a landscape image and the defined crop area being out of bounds


New Features
– When applying a crop to all images, you now receive a warning letting you know this
– New hot key to assign the selected image(s) in the hot folder to the current subject (F4)
– In order entry, adding a new package (that already exists) will increase the quantity, not add an entire new package
– In Create new project when adding a new org (school), address is require by default (this can now be turned off in CustomSettings.xml file)

Addressed Issues
– Refresh Button in edit clears cache and thumbnails
– In Layout Creator, fixed proper behavior for Green Screen when the default background should be used vs the ordered background
– Mixed orders (web and manual) will be submitted to the lab together as 1 order if the ship to is the same (ship to studio)
– Addressed crop panel issues when mixed portrait and landscape images exists
– When doing an ImageMatch export, selecting shot order with a name prefix works
– Changing the naming convention in Image Options in project preferences now takes effect immediately (no longer requires flow restart)


New Features
– Added support for small usb drives for exporting a project directly to a usb drive.
– Flow ID – new tab in export panel
– Flow ID – Allow the attachment of layouts
– Flow ID – Can access Preferences/Capture/Reset Capture Screen

Addressed Issues
– Addressed issue when pulling IQ orders, search for image matching jpg OR png (previously assumed all source images were jpg
– Changed height of crop panel to prevent buttons being clipped off in some screen resolutions
– Addressed issue when clicking adjust images in edit was showing green panel
– Addressed issue where export project would crash if it was done immediately after creating a project
– Addressed issue where batch layouts printing always used default printer even if another printer was selected


New Features
– Added some error catching and retry when generating reports
– Ordered images now have a tooltip with image name
– Keep track if archive project had any errors, so the user is not prompted to delete the project if archiving failed
– When importing from export for retouch, clear green screen cache for newly imported images
– Added Exclude Subject flag in capture, excluded subjects will not show in reports
– All project exports contain a json file with project/subject/image information
– When doing an ImageMatch export for green screen, give the option of using the ordered background or default background
– Added a filter for Group Images (with or without)
– Made a change where we will now never automatically mark a group image as primary image (it can still be done manually)
– Made some changes to UpdateDirectShipmentData() to try and fix the issue with missing direct ship data
– Only auto create Yearbook Pose image type flag if this feature is being used with IQ, flag is created when yearbook pose data is downloaded from IQ
– Added option for image quality on IM export

Addressed Issues
– Addressed Flow Server bug where the auto importing of projects was always crashing because it was not being removed from the incoming queue
– Addressed minor issues for green screen submit Orders
– Addressed the boolean yes/no fields in project template (subject data field).
– Addressed issues where users were able to modify package product quantities in capture
– Addressed issues with some ftp bugs, instead of always resuming an upload, if the file is less than 10MB, just re-upload it from the beginning if there is an issue.
– Addressed issue where group image names were causing an error when assigning an image and naming starts at 00001 is enabled
– Addressed the way the PLIC catalog was generating its primarykey
– Addressed crash with direct shipping in submit order
– Addressed search crash when fields contain checkboxes
– Addressed the issue when if Photographer field is in the subject data, ignore the one in the project settings during IM export
– Addressed issue where OrderForm fields were not in the export data that goes with a project export
– Addressed issue where filtered images IM exports were including all images for filtered subjects, not just the filtered images ones


New Features
– Added order history filtering to orders panel (the shopping cart panel)
– Added feature when done uploading an order to lab, add that order number to the history so it can be used in filters
– Added ability to export project with a specified reduced image size for local exports (and lab uploads)
– Added a hidden hook to copy images to temp folder when rendering layouts (for ICON)
– Improved Database connection string usage in flow server/client – limit sdf write access.

Addressed Issues
– Addressed issue with intermittent crash in online Orders Panel – Check for null controller
– Addressed issue with update C1 reports library
– Addressed crash issue when flowadmin was passing address info of a state.length < 2
– Addressed issue with submit order, green screen knockout
– Addressed issue where import from retouch (bringing in png files) was not updating the group image images
– Addressed issue with publishing a new pricesheet on an IQ pud workflow
– Addressed issue for png source files and transparent background in layouts
– Addressed issue with rendering an ordered layout with green screen background, the ordered background was not being used
– Addressed issue with green screen rendered layouts in packages (was using wrong background)
– Addressed issue with no longer batching IQ image uploads in groups of 20, doing them all in one pass
– Failed IQ/APE E commerce image uploads should fully recover now (JobInfoTemp.xml gets renamed JobInfo.xml)
– Addressed issue with Order Reports only referencing manual orders and not online order also


New Features
– Added Opticon workflow
– Added option to prompt the user to enter in his/her id on flow startup (this id will be used instead of computer-name in flow, for image assignment and project exports)Addressed Issues
– Addressed issue with IQ panel to refresh the all orders tab
– Addressed issue with opticon timestamp scanner workflow
– Addressed issue with background uploader, if failed during an image upload to IQ/APE, it would quit trying all uploads in that batch.
– Addressed issue with publishing an IQ gallery with matching a price sheet (for PUD)
– Addressed PUD IQ publish issue where new lab products were not calling the correct url to be added to lab catalog
– Addressed issues when publishing a new IQ gallery with yearbook pose support, yearbook pose check would crash because gallery was not live
– Addressed issue where the modify Date was not getting set on an order when it was manually marked with a labID. (was causing order to not merge)
– Addressed issue where Direct Ship address was getting wiped out
– Addressed issues with APE uploader minor bugs


New Features
– IQ images and APE images are being uploaded in background worker
– Added Keep Awake and allow sleep methods to background uploader (prevents system sleep during uploads)
– When exporting in shot order allow for a prefix to be added to each image name
– Added an option for no delimiter in image naming
– When using the image metadata workflow (ticket code in image metadata), now works with or without the .nst. prefix
– Allow user to set an order package labID to either 0 or blank.
– Added option to include group images or not when uploading an APE gallery
– Warn a user when submitting an order that contains ALL ORDERS (orders previously submitted)
– Military time is now used in shot order IM exports (for sorting)
– CropData.txt is optional now in IM export

Addressed Issues
– Addressed issue where importing in a project with a catalog certain fields in catalog were not coming in
– Addressed issue in metadata workflow where data had trailing spaces
– Removed the settings icon from layout preview in capture (was possibly causing issues)
– Addressed issue where submitting an order, includes all subjects being checked, did nothing
– Addressed issue where flow was trying to delete an old lab catalog that did not even exist on the current machine
– Addressed issue where IQ orders were not matching on ticket code, they were matching using the image file name.(IQ orders should match the group images now.)


x64 Download (Windows 64-bit):
Download Here

x86 Download (Windows 32-bit):
Download Here

– Barcodes on layouts are sent to printer as text and should print better on IDcard printers
– Added support for image metadata based barcode systems for any and all cameras that support barcode scans
– Added ability to filter orders to just the current subject
– Added ability to sort ImageMatch exports in shot order
– Added support for printing more that one copy of each barcode in reports
– Added Project Name as a possible field in custom reports
– Added support for any 3rd-party e-commerce site that supports the PhotoLynx Ecommerce API
– Added ability to apply crops during submit order
– Added new “Export for Retouch” feature
– Added support for PLIC Catalogs
– Added a-la-carte items to the Flow Catalog
– Now saving changes the user makes to the way the capture screen is laid out
– Added a button in Preferences –> Capture to restore the capture screen layout
– Added new product list to submit order screen that shows all the products being ordered
– Added a new way to filter products to be ordered in the submit order screen
– Online orders and web orders are now treated the same in Flow (visible in order entry, and submitted the same way)
– Added an image thumbnail to the image option that is listed in order entry

Addressed Issues:
– Added a Vertical scrollbar to greenscreen panel for use on lower res displays
– Fixed an issue with removing an image in edit
– Fixed an issue with trying to remove an image that had an order option tied to it
– Fixed an issue with removing a retired LabMgr Catalog
– Fixed an issue with a crash when pulling ImageQuix orders
– Fixed an issue with Green Screen rendering in order submit
– Fixed an issue with removed option groups
– Fixed an issue with preserving welcome text, welcome image, discounts and gallery configs in ImageQuix gallery
– Fixed an issue with avoiding thread issues when rendering Green Screen and cropping

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